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July 4, 2023

Lighten Up Your Living Room For Spring

Spring cleaning

An essential prelude to embarking on a fresh journey of decoration and revitalization within your home. As the vibrant season of spring emerges, it presents the perfect opportunity to engage in a thorough cleaning regimen and declutter your life.

By dedicating time to cleanse your house from top to bottom, you eliminate unnecessary weight, breathe new life into neglected areas, and create a more spacious and harmonious environment!

"Three Boxes Rule."

This is by far To streamline the decluttering process, notes box expert Ryan, m a useful technique to consider is the "three boxes rule."

  • By placing three designated boxes in each room—labeled as "Keep," "Donate," and "Throw away"—you can efficiently categorize your belongings.
  • As you sort through your possessions, assign each item to its respective box based on its usefulness and significance.
  • The "Keep" box should contain items that you genuinely need and cherish, while the "Donate" box can hold things that could benefit others.
  • Finally, the "Throw away" box is meant for items that are damaged, expired, or no longer functional.

Implementing the three boxes rule not only facilitates the decluttering process but also encourages thoughtful decision-making.

It prompts you to reflect on the importance of each item and reassess its role in your life. By letting go unnecessary possessions, you create space for new opportunities and invite a sense of serenity and clarity into your living environment.

Devil & Details

In the end of the day, it's the little things that matter. You can therefore completely revive your home without making drastic changes, like buying new living room set for instance. Instead, decorate with some bright coloured vases, patterned rugs and floral sofa pillows.

That way you can totally transform your home without having to spend a fortune.

Bring Nature Inside

Nothing says 'spring' like a nice, green centerpiece.

You can easily design a simple but beautiful atmosphere by taking a glass vase and pack some ruffled bird's-nest fern fronds in it. It is just beautiful in its simplicity. You can also decorate your home with some yellow tulips, daffodils and other warm spring flowers.

Floral Dinnerware Set

Shelve the formal China and take out the spring dinnerware. Switching to dinnerware with floral elements will definitely enhance the sense of spring freshness in your home.

Light is of the Essence

All you need to transform an entire room is to let the light inside. Start by washing your windows and take down the heavy drapes! Open up the space in your home by putting bright-coloured Roman shades.

Organize our Home

My mantra is, that in order to have an organised home, you need to get rid of all the clutter first. At home we spring clean each year, and we have a three basket rule - we place 3 baskets in a room, we label them "Keep", "Discard" and "Donate" and we go through everything in the room and separate it into these three categories.

Another trick I use to keep my home organised on a budget, is to store things the smart way. I never buy storage containers, I usually create them myself. For instance, shoe boxes can be used to store small items in them, as well as pieces of clothing, like belts, ties, scarfs, underwear, and a lot more. Most shoe boxes even fit perfectly in drawers and act as dividers.

The same applies for old drawers, jars, cans and other similar items. As for the classic jewelry mess, I found the perfect solution - I got a big old picture frame and I attached a piece of mesh net to it. Then I got some pins, hooks and buttons and attached them to the frame. You can use hooks and buttons to hang necklaces and bracelets, and the net is perfect for earrings.


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